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First place in the competition for the best website of an educational institution

Internet Association of Ukraine
Internet Association of Ukraine

About the company Glyanec

Your best web studio!

Website development of any complexity. Adaptive version for all devices. Optimizing your site to 90+ Google PageSpeed. Unique design, UI, prototyping for each site!


Trademark Glyanec, text and graphic part, protected by the legislation of Ukraine.

The company has been operating since 2008 under the brand of Glyanec, we use only our own real estate, equipment, servers for work, we execute all orders exclusively with our own resources and contractors, which additionally characterizes us as a reliable partner and contractor.

™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — About the company Glyanec_0
We are always in touch


We have been cooperating successfully with advertising agencies, marketers, and Internet business for many years.

We implement any number of Internet projects under your brand, or we will develop a website under our trademark for reward.

™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — About the company Glyanec_9

— 2019 — Participation in the competition in the nomination "Web-sites of preschool educational institutions" with the site http://dnz15pazlik.vn.ua. Among the 1,500 applications from educational institutions from all over Ukraine, we took 3rd place.

— Business Elite Podillya 2017 Nomination "Company — Leader"

— Business Elite Podillya 2016 Nomination "Company — Leader"

— Business Elite Podillya 2014 Nomination "Company — Leader"


The main goals of our company are satisfied customer and quality product.

Our team of professionals is ready to give a 100% result.

We are keeping up with the times, so our work is always up-to-date and creative.

Shareholders and lenders

Glyanets company has been successfully and successfully working for clients for more than 10 years. We are interested and open to new proposals, we strive to achieve more, become better and more experienced!

If you have the same goal — let's work TOTAL!

Email us at m@glynec.net.

™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — About the company Glyanec_10
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head of Customer Relations Department

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Your future site is too good to belong to someone else

Order the site now!

Your future site is too good to belong to someone else

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Your future site is too good to belong to someone else


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