About Glyanec™

The structure of the company

The Glyanec trade mark is protected by the legislation of Ukraine and belongs to Zaika Anatoly V. The company is a group of entrepreneurs from Ukraine and the British Virgin Islands (the ultimate beneficiary is the founder of Zaika Anatoly V.) acting on a contractual basis. The company uses only its own real estate, equipment, to perform all orders with its own resources, which further characterizes us as a reliable partner and performer.


At the moment, we focus on honed internal operations to the ideal state and document and automate all, even the smallest, processes. We are preparing for the stage of active growth. At this stage, we may be interested in shareholders and private creditors in the future.

Shareholders and lenders

For interested persons please send an e-mail to the mail info@glyanec.net. We will send you an offer as soon as we are ready to attract shareholders.


We have been cooperating successfully with advertising agencies, marketers, Internet businessmen for many years. We implement any number of Internet projects under your brand, or we will develop a website under our trademark for reward. Contact person - Artem, Head of customer service order@glyanec.net 0 (800) 759-759

Work in the company

You can get acquainted with active vacancies at https://www.work.ua/jobs/by-company/148240/. The procedure for reviewing the summary is described in the vacancy texts.

Working conditions

Mon-Fri with elements of floating graphics, the best, most convenient and most technical office in the city with a lot of "plushes", official payment, full social package, guaranteed awards and financial motivation, a system of mentoring and training, a team of friends and a warm atmosphere.

Fast, state-of-the-art computers (6-8 cores, 16 GB RAM, SSD, 24 "Dell 1-3 units, Apple if necessary), high quality certified water, kitchen with all necessary equipment (refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave oven, etc.). Coffee-tea for free :-) Vacation from 1 to 2 months per year. Paid Hospital.

Social responsibility

We fully pay all necessary taxes and fees, we work only legally, we regularly undergo an accounting audit. Save electricity and other natural resources. We help sick children, the Ukrainian Army (through volunteers), take part in various charity events. We use exclusively licensed software, fundamentally honest, even in the smallest details.