How much does a website cost?

How much does a website cost? This question is addressed to us many times each day. And in all cases, we can only answer that!

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Estimating the cost of developing a site

To estimate the cost of developing a website you need to fill out a brief.

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Our prices are adequate and moderate. All payments are divided into 3 stages, it is convenient and affordable. You can get a very high quality website based on a finished solution, with a unique design for the price of 13000 UAH.

Current prices
Landing page

one-page, Landing page

from 13000 UAH

Site-business card company

corporate site

from 25000 UAH

up to 150000 UAH


your profitable business!

from 13000 UAH

up to 90000 hryvnas


Since we do our work professionally, honestly and responsibly - each order requires a detailed miscalculation.

But there are good news! Estimation of the cost of development — completely free.

We have a permanent share: if you order within 7 days after receiving the assessment — you get a discount of 10%, within 14 days - 5%

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