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First place in the competition for the best website of an educational institution

Internet Association of Ukraine
Internet Association of Ukraine

Online stores

During our work, we have developed more than 250 online stores that work in all countries of the world, selling hundreds of goods per day to its customers.

Exclusive design, free evaluation, support
Online stores of any complexity

Online business today is developing fast and efficiently. Network users have long realized that the Internet can buy everything. Therefore, entrepreneurs use it.

We offer online stores with integration, 1C connection, sms-information on new orders, payments, currencies, rates, discounts, bonuses, support after launch, and more.

Description of the functionality of the script online store


  • ORDER:

    • The list of all orders is displayed in the form of a list with fields for each order: ID, Creation Date, Buyer, Contacts, Quantity of goods in the order, order amount, Status Financial status.

    • In the list of orders (abridged version) there is an opportunity for each order to perform the following action:

      • Change the value of the Status field

      • Change the value of the "Financial Status" fiel

      • Edit - go to the order edit page, with the ability to change the order data and the goods included in the order

      • Delete

      • Print invoice - when clicked, it switches to an automatically generated invoice in PDF format

      • Export - when you click on this button, the Exel file for the selected order is automatically downloaded

      • History - when you click on this item, the history of changes in the order is displayed (changing information in the fields, changing the delivery method, etc.)

  • View all orders on the site with the ability to filter by the following fields:

    • ID

    • Status (drop-down list with the ability to select multiple statuses with checkmarks)

    • Financial status (drop-down list with the ability to select several statuses with checkmarks)

    • Telephone

    • Email

    • Name

    • Surname

  • Displays the number of orders by category: Number of orders processed, Number of completed orders, Number of orders with return of goods, Total amount of orders for the entire period (amount).

  • Ability to export sorted order by selected filters to Exel file

  • The following data is available in each order (full information): Order data (creation date and time, Buyer, Phone number, E-mail, Note), Delivery and payment (data selected for delivery and financial status are reflected) Shipping cost, Discounts.

  • Ability to configure quick filters / tabs by order status. The administrator has the ability to add / remove / edit tabs for quick sorting of orders.

  • Creation of a new order by the administrator (if the order was completed using a phone call, etc.)


  • The list of all requests in 1 click is displayed in the form of a list with fields for each request: ID, Creation Date, User (if registered), IP address, Name, Telephone Number of the goods from which the order was executed.

  • In the list of requests it is possible to perform the following actions:

    • Place an order - when clicked, a form opens for a full order processing with all the necessary fields to fill out

    • Delete


  • The list of placed orders with ETH is displayed in the form of a list with fields for each order Number, Creation date, Estimated delivery date, Declared cost, Delivery cost Weight, Number of seats, Description of shipment, Address of receipt, Status, Date of receipt.

  • In the list of ETH (abridged version), it is possible to perform the following actions:

    • More details - go to the page with all the information about the ETH: Creation date, ETH number, Departure date, Estimated delivery date, Information about the delivery point (city, branch, branch address), Description of shipment, Declared price, Recipient, Recipient's phone number, Cost delivery, delivery payer, form of payment, type of cargo, cargo weight, number of seats. And also the “Refresh Data” button is available - which updates the data that comes from the new mail database.

    • Print - when clicked, the automatically generated ETH in PDF is displayed. This waybill is used to send parcels.

    • Track - when clicked, the ETH Status information is displayed.

    • Change - displays the fields that are necessary to create an ETH, with the ability to edit. After these changes, you must click "Update AH"

    • Delete

  • View all ETH with the ability to filter by the following fields:

    • ETH number (last 4 digits)

    • Creation Date (Calendar)

    • Estimated Delivery Date (Calendar)


    • The list of payments in the form of a list: order ID, order date, amount, financial status.

    • The list of payments can be sorted by date / period.

    • Display of payment statistics by categories: not paid (expected on ETN invoices), Paid online, Paid in cash.

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The best sites in Ukraine

Examples of our work

All 11 years we have been working on the same engine - Drupal

Our team specializes in high-quality development and support of sites. All 11 years we have been working on one engine - Drupal. Therefore, we know him perfectly.

During our work, we have developed more than 2,500 websites operating in all countries of the world and generate hundreds of thousands of downloads per day to our customers. Most of our customers have ordered several websites from us for each direction of their business.

™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — News Portals_9

years of internet marketing

We are certified marketers, programmers, designers who work in one office.

Our experience — since the advent of the Internet in Ukraine.


Each site has a premium design, responsive version, fast loading, visual editing, a unique admin panel and the best Google Page Speed indicators.

™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — News Portals_10
they trust us

Why are we the best?

™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — Sites-business cards_9

Designed from real ones


Professional designers at

programs that are known very much

a narrow circle of specialists,

develop a unique delicious

design your offer.

™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — Sites-business cards_10

We are getting into place

consumer of our client

We come to the customer's shops,

call our competitors

photographing offices, conducting

intelligence, looking for analogues,

we create focus groups, communicate

in forums with consumers.

™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — Sites-business cards_11

We use

advanced technology

Conversion analysis adwords,

multi landing, adaptive design,

Google Page Speed, animation,

parallax, geo targeting.



regular customers

Our pride is a team of professionals. Motivated and thirsty for new projects

work with us — Bravo Airways
work with us — Volti — Купуй, Вмикай, Радій
work with us — Pharmacy «Бажаємо здоров'я»
work with us — Toyota
work with us — Roshen
work with us — Gillette
work with us — National Opera of Ukraine
work with us — Lamoda
work with us — Faberlic
work with us — Levika
work with us — Арден Палац
work with us — Stihl
work with us — Stropuva
work with us — BestHosting
work with us — PJSC "Vinnytsyaoblenergo"
work with us — Velohaus
work with us — Alexander Terenchuk
work with us — Family Planning Institute

What will you get?


UI/UX design

Mobile, tablet version of the site

Ready-made tool for selling goods and services

Professional technical documentation


Consultations at all stages of development

Support after launch

Individual project management

Individual admin panel

Sync with 1C, Bitrix24, OneDrive, Dropbox, PriceUa and others

Integration of courier and delivery services

Connecting Facebook, Instagram

Connect the ticket system or CRM

Quick Editing Module

Unique customer tracking system

Best Drupal Management System

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