Our Guarantee

At the beginning of a fruitful cooperation with you pay attention to:

  1. Home warranty - decency. If not - no contract will not help. As well as a complete portfolio of high-quality jobs and more than 250 clients in the last year of operation.
  2. Unlike other companies, our performers work at the rate and in the same office. Therefore, always respected the proportion of price / quality and in emergency situations, we replace one performer by another without breaking the terms of delivery of the project. We do not engage in the work of temporary and inexperienced people - cope themselves or do not take the order.
  3. We are constantly in touch by telephone, e-mail, Skype, ISQ. At any time, you can specify the necessary details and progress of the development of the project manager, contact manager.
  4. We pay taxes, work officially, provide copies of registration documents. If necessary, we work under the contract, accept payment only non-anonymous methods (Visa, WebMoney with business-level 450 and a personal certificate which is 7 years, bank account).
  5. We guarantee the performance of any number of amendments, which we obtain from you, this only affects the project delivery date.

GlyanecТМ is designed for your website, the original corporate identity, a good logo design and much more. The main thing is that this will be done professionally and on time.


We guarantee a full refund in case of dissatisfaction with the design or programming, under the following conditions:

  1. If the work is paid for through the payment system and is webmoney.ru webmoney contract - http://arbitrage.webmoney.ru/. For more than six months, we accept payments by webmoney exclusively with the conclusion of the contract.
  2. If the work is paid in stages, manibek mean return on the failure to take you step. For example, you can take the TK and design, but do not accept programming. In this case, you return the advance payment for programming transmitted source models and terms of reference. You will be able to continue to develop, where you see fit.