First place in the competition for the best website of an educational institution

Internet Association of Ukraine
Internet Association of Ukraine
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Our warranties

The main guarantee of the company is decency

We will develop a website for you, an original corporate style, a good logo design and more. The main thing is that it will be done professionally and on time.


All 13 years we have been working on the same engine - Drupal

Our team specializes in high-quality development and support of sites. All 13 years we have been working on one engine - Drupal. Therefore, we know him perfectly.

During our work, we have developed more than 1456 websites operating in all countries of the world and generate hundreds of thousands of downloads per day to our customers. Most of our customers have ordered several websites from us for each direction of their business.

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years of internet marketing

We are certified marketers, programmers, designers who work in one office.

Our experience — since the advent of the Internet in Ukraine.



Each site has a premium design, responsive version, fast loading, visual editing, a unique admin panel and the best Google Page Speed indicators.

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they trust us

Everyone writes like that, but we are really the best

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Designed from real ones


Professional designers at

programs that are known very much

a narrow circle of specialists,

develop a unique delicious

design your offer.

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We are getting into place

consumer of our client

We come to the customer's shops,

call our competitors

photographing offices, conducting

intelligence, looking for analogues,

we create focus groups, communicate

in forums with consumers.

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We use

advanced technology

Conversion analysis adwords,

multi landing, adaptive design,

Google Page Speed, animation,

parallax, geo targeting.



Why our store?

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Mobile app ready for your site

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Open source. Any developer can make changes

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Full ownership of the site, no subscription fees

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Use advanced technologies that aren't used by our competitors, such as React

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Exclusive design of each non-repetitive project

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Post-Project Customer Support

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Set up SMS notifications for new orders, as well as instant Telegram messages

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Connect different payment systems: Privat24, LiqPay, ApplePay, etc.

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Abandoned Trash

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Adaptive design that fits perfectly on any device;

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Connect accounting (1C) and warehousing software

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Ability to view detailed order statistics: by country, city, average check

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Set up contextual advertising on Google Ads and social networks

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Create promo codes with a fixed discount rate

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Order Tracking

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Automatic generation of New Mail ETN

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Bulk update of stock balances.

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Choose a currency to use on the website

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Activate cashback bonus system and more

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We always complete the project.


The contract in which each stage of the work is approved by the client

We advise and support the client after the launch of the website

We are certified marketers, programmers, designers working in the same office.

Gradual payment in parts as the execution and demonstration of work

We ensure confidentiality of information: all our computers are monitored

All our performers work officially and under contracts.

We are always in touch and support projects for many years after

We work through the ticket system and provide answers to all emails.

All our projects are tested manually and by check-list.

We teach performers years before starting work. Selection of up to 900 resumes for 1 place

Trust your business

Vinnytsia, village Zarvantsi, street Architectural, 5a

™ Glyanec, ®, is Development and support of web-sites

™ Glyanec, ®, is Development and support of web-sites
™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — Our warranties_1

Order the site now!

Your future site is too good to belong to someone else

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Full analysis of your site for free!

Submit your site and we will make an interesting and detailed analysis with development tips on our