We have developed an online store for the Canadian carpet shop "Caspian rugs Center".

The site has a modern and stylish design. The main page for viewing the user presents basic information such as: product categories, promotional items, new items, filters by color and size of carpets.

To make purchases on the site, we connected the payment system Paypal. At the time of purchase, the user is sent to the email address not only information about the order, as well as automatically generated certificate with statements of the product.

Since the site does not have a personal account, we have provided functionality that allows you to track the status of your order to the user.

The site is adaptive, designed in English and French.
home page design — Caspian Rugs Centre
What did we do?
UI/UX, design
Spent time
site development Caspian Rugs Centre
Caspian Rugs Centre On tablet
Caspian Rugs Centre On laptop
Home page
home page design — Caspian Rugs Centre_0
Tools and Technology
which we used to work on the site
Caspian Rugs Centre
Internal pages

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