Corporate site for ArsParket company

Corporate site for ArsParket company designed to meet the premium segment.
Using design wood texture, brown tones, emphasizes the benefit that ArsParket company's products designed for a narrow segment of the market, and for many years to explantation.
The company's website is presented catalog of products. Each category has its own unique graphic symbol that helps visitors navigate and find exactly the product category, which was looking for.
In addition to the catalog of products on the site are presented with the following main sections of the site: about the company, services, our work on the dance floor, contacts
About the company - in the section, the user can get acquainted with the activities of the company, find out interesting details of the work and other information about the company.
Services - this section is entirely devoted to the services that the company provides. Each service is allocated a separate page which is given comprehensive information and a gallery with examples of work. And also, very convenient form for ordering advice.
Our works - see posted photos with examples of works. In order to let you appreciate the quality that the company offers to its customers.
In the section on the floor, described the advantages of the parquet, over other types of flooring.
In the Contacts section shows the stylized, interactive map to mark the company's office is located. Moreover, under given all the necessary information to communicate with the company and office pictures. Users of the site, this section may use the feedback form and write a letter to a company representative.
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