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First place in the competition for the best website of an educational institution

Internet Association of Ukraine
Internet Association of Ukraine

Feedback Platform Bestseller-rezensionen

We have developed a website with individual functionality for BestSeller company, which provides services to sellers from the amazon and ebay platforms.

For the website we developed functionality of personal accounts for three types of users:
1. Testers - a personal account for people who test sellers' products, and then post reviews on them. Tester can invite people to his referral program and receive bonuses after writing reviews.
2. Sellers - a personal account for people who post their products (start a campaign for reviews). All campaigns that sellers place fall into the Agent’s pre-moderation, after which the set of testers begins in the campaign.
3. Agents - personal account of company moderators. In their office, the entire system is fully moderated. They have access to payments, campaign management, processing user requests, editing products and campaigns, cashback and coupon discounts, statistics on sellers / testers.

For the main part of the site, we have developed a stylish and modern design in the color scheme of the company. In turn, the pages of your personal account are presented in more subdued colors so as not to distract the user's attention.

The site is responsive, developed in German and English.

home page design — Feedback Platform Bestseller-rezensionen
What did we do?
UI/UX, design
Spent time
site development Feedback Platform Bestseller-rezensionen
Feedback Platform Bestseller-rezensionen On tablet
Feedback Platform Bestseller-rezensionen On laptop
Home page
home page design — Feedback Platform Bestseller-rezensionen_0
Tools and Technology
which we used to work on the site
Drupal 8
Feedback Platform Bestseller-rezensionen
Internal pages

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