- the best promotions and discounts beauty salons

We developed the discounts web-site
Web-site specializes in selling coupons for various goods and services.

Modern design facilitates rapid search of the necessary materials on the site. A thoughtful interface allows you to quickly perform the necessary actions.

The distribution of coupons on sections makes viewing shares most straightforward and convenient.
Presented the following main sections: All, Top, Popular for 24 hours, Health, Medicine, Tourism, Entertainment Services.

Users can check and store purchase history in a private user account. Also on site is a function of the order call for rapid communication with the administration.

Great functionality of the site includes various cities statements for coupons filtering, choice of payment system? partners, the possibility of free coupons, coupon redemption statistics partner and much more.
What did we do?
UI/UX, design
Home page
Tools and Technology
which we used to work on the site
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