Holst Maker photo print ordering site

Our company developed a site for ordering photo prints, modular paintings, canvas prints and large-format printing.

On the site you can get acquainted with all types of printing services that provide the service. For the convenience of the order, a photo editor was developed. You can select photos to print from the image catalog or upload your own photos to the editor. Photo editor has a lot of options on the site. It allows you to order a scroll, a single canvas, modular paintings and large-format printing, having previously made the ready image for printing in the editor.

Some of the features of the editor: the choice of the type of image printing, the choice of the template for the placement of images, the choice of type of design, background, type of paper, etc. You can also create new fragments for the images in the editor, add text to pictures, save the print job for the possibility of extending the order at other times, and many other features, the benefits of which can be felt when using it, in particular, to view the picture in the interior before the order.

Also, for the site users have developed personal rooms in which they can add images to their favorites, view the history of orders, to replenish their virtual balance.

Additional features include connecting a liqpay payment system, connecting and setting up an sms center, setting up a service schedule, notifying managers about new orders on the site, multi-language and multicurrency of the site, e-mail and sms mailing and much more.
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