One-page site generator for GRUTEK

We have designed a one-page site designer for GRUTEK, which sells spare parts for agricultural machinery.

The designer has been added to the functional already-finished site of the company, which is also developed by the studio of web design "Glance". It includes the following blocks: Hat, Products, Description, Our Benefits, About Us, Reviews, Shipping, Free Consultation, Payment, Contacts.
All information in the blocks is variable: text, goods, images, phone numbers and links to social networks. It also provides the ability to disable the unit.

The created one-page sites are related to the main product card exclusively, which opens when you click the "Details" button. In this case, orders received from forms of feedback fall into the administrative part of the main site, which allows you to structure all orders in one place.

All sites created with the designer are fully customized for mobile phones and tablets.
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