Online car rental service, yachts and jets in Cyprus
Online car rental service, yachts and jets in Cyprus
We have developed a web-service rental cars, boats and airplanes in Cyprus. The site is available in three languages: Russian, English and Greek.
Designed premium design, with vivid icons, high-quality photographs, animation effects presents a good status of the company and the services provided.
The company offers rental services for all possibilities and wishes: from the inexpensive economy-class car for 30 $ one day before the rental boat or plane for an unforgettable vacation.
Checkout in 5 steps:
1. Selection of the date (from the home page, where the user specifies at what and how many need rent, reception place, a place of return, once filtered list of real)
2.Selection cars (list of proposals with a detailed description and a large photo)
3.Detali lease (where you need to specify additional details, such as for example: child seat, navigation and others.)
4. Preview of tOformlenie (where the ordehe order (which lists all positions filled)
4.Preview of the order (which shows all positions filled)
5.Design (where the order receives a personal number, which will be immediately on the website to check the status of your application).
The site is divided into 4 large categories: car rental, yacht rental,
aircraft Charter and VIP service.
On the main page you can see the shares of the company.