Online shop "Nailapex"

An online store for Nailapex, which sells professional cosmetics, materials, tools and accessories for nail extensions, has been developed.

The site is developed on the basis of the finished script of the store, which is sold in our store of finished sites -
We have made a complete change in the design of the script.

In addition, the following features were developed:
- a system of individual discounts on the birthday of the client (the percentage or amount is set by the administrator);

- discount on the first order or when ordering for a certain amount;

- purchase of goods without registration;

- transfer of goods from the past site.

For ease of use, the site is adapted to various devices (PCs, mobile phones, tablets).
home page design — Online shop "Nailapex"
What did we do?
UI/UX, design
Online shop "Nailapex" On tablet
Online shop "Nailapex" On laptop
Home page
home page design — Online shop "Nailapex"_0
Tools and Technology
which we used to work on the site
Sublime text
Online shop "Nailapex"
Internal pages

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