Online store for Knitdesign company

We have developed an online store for Knitdesign, which manufactures yarn and knitted items.

For convenience, the user's choice in the product card is made to change the color of the product and its size. For users from other countries we have added multilingual site - the site is displayed in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages, as well as the ability to make payments in several currencies - UAH, USD, EUR. When choosing a different language or currency, there is an automatic change in the cost of delivery as well as the payment system.

On the main page, the Instagram module is connected, so all the photos added by the company, in this social network, are immediately displayed on the site.

Among the additional features on the site you can note: connecting the payment system Skrill, connect Payone card, protection against copying photos and texts from the site, coupons at a discount.

For ease of use, the site is adapted to various devices (PCs, mobile phones, tablets).
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