Paintball club "SPARTA"

Paintball club "SPARTA" in Russian and English languages.
The portal will be interesting for all lovers of active recreation and a healthy lifestyle.
Social network "SPARTA" offers to arrange for your friends and family an unforgettable holiday and find your friends in spirit, to communicate, to buy everything you need for a game of paintball.
With all the multi-functionality of the portal, the user to easily navigate the site, because the structure is properly divided into three main sections:
-Pentbolny Club "SPARTA", where you can find all the services of the club, game and book online, check out the latest news, view photos and video, find out the prices and others;
- Shop "SPARTA", where you can buy the equipment for paintball games at a good price,
subscribe to shop novelties.
- Our projects: it placed all the information about the club's projects.
Registered users can create topics for discussion items from the store, post blogs, post photos and videos, rate, comment, communicate, put a mark on his photo gear from the store, add friends. and etc.
What did we do?
UI/UX, design
Home page
Tools and Technology
which we used to work on the site
Internal pages
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