Portal for the club "Men of Action"

We have developed a project of the individual functional "Men of Action". In this portal there is a large list of functions, a short list of several functions:

- Affiliate program: 8 level program with a limited number of invitees for each level. Charging, transactions for all user actions and its reduced users

- Integration with the Financial Guide application

- Shares (participation in promotions according to earned balls)

- User verification

- Different packages of participation in the partner program, depending on each package, different amounts of rewards are provided

- In the personal account of the user, the following options are available: Affiliate program, Partners, Purse, Messages, Financial guide course, Business guide course

Thanks to the unique and user-friendly design on the site, it's easy to find the necessary information for the user, and to familiarize yourself with all the indicators of the partner system.
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