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First place in the competition for the best website of an educational institution

Internet Association of Ukraine
Internet Association of Ukraine

Pretender Online Store

Our team has developed a new online store for the manufacturer of leather jackets and accessories brand Pretender.

Visitors to the site have a convenient navigation on the site to select the right item for women or men, as well as to get acquainted with the most popular collections of clothing. Also on the site you can get acquainted with the work of the company, information about delivery and payment, customer reviews and more.

For the convenience of ordering a product (before adding it to the cart and placing an order), the customer can watch the video how to properly remove the dimensions so that he can get the required jacket.

Additional features: instagram API connection, New Mail API, Liqpay online payment systems, sales statistics, and more.
home page design — Pretender Online Store
What did we do?
UI/UX, design
Spent time
site development Pretender Online Store
Pretender Online Store On tablet
Pretender Online Store On laptop
Home page
home page design — Pretender Online Store_0
Tools and Technology
which we used to work on the site
Drupal 8
Sublime text
Pretender Online Store
Internal pages

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