Sale and rental of property in Cyprus

Site for "Inerland Property Group", which offers the best properties for rent and sale. The site is available in three languages: Russian, English and Greek.
Main sections: Sale, Rental, Owners, Projects, Our Services,
EU Citizenship, About, Contact.
The home page is a handy list of properties
special offers, the latest news, as well as individual
guest services in Cyprus: Rental boats, cars and villas.
Implemented functional filtration facilities Cyprus. The catalog can be sorted by price, date of update. View a list of suggestions to the user
can be selected convenient way: as a list on the main
the characteristics of the object, and predosmotra with photos and map.
Page property contains all the relevant information about it, the location on the map form to send a message on this subject to the site administrator.
"Inerland Property Group" offers the cooperation, it is necessary to register on the site, specifying who you are: Owner, Real Estate, the developer company or an individual agent. The personal account is maintained
all the information about the added user objects.
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