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Site for weight loss

The one-page site "Weighty update" is intended for people who dream about an ideal body and lead a healthy lifestyle.

A feature of the site is the development of additional functionality for personal offices for registered users. After registration, users become participants of the race for a beautiful figure and, depending on the chosen tariff, have their advantages in the competition. You can choose and pay the tariff directly from the site. For this purpose, the payment system of the Intercass is connected.

Having access to your personal account, race participants have the opportunity to exchange personal messages with the administration and other users of the site. When you post, you can add photos and videos to the chat. Throughout the competition, participants receive assignments and recommendations on nutrition, and then they send their reports.

After the struggle for a beautiful body, the administrator opens a vote on the site. Then the winners of the contest receive prizes.

The site itself is designed for all kinds of devices (computers, tablets, phones), which in our time is an important factor when creating websites.
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