STROPUVA - production of solid fuel boilers

We have developed the official website of the Ukrainian - Lithuanian STROPUVA plant, which specializes in the production of solid-top continuous burning boilers.
Product Catalogue is divided into categories. A special place in the catalog the company wanted to highlight the section "boiler-house", so it is developed as a separate landing page.
The site has a calculator of boilers, where every visitor can check the fuel consumption for heating according to their data, you need to specify it.
For communication with the manager of the company on the site there are links button, which is always in sight.
On the pages of an online store, you can pick up accessories for solid fuel boilers STROPUVA®.
The site is distinguished by its unique design, functionality and quality of the information provided.
The site contains the catalog of products factory online store, as well as informational sections: Technology, Company, News and Events, Contacts.
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