Velohaus - all for a bicycle

We have created an online store "Velohaus" - all for a bicycle, cyclists, as well as for lovers of tourism.
The store offers a huge selection of bikes and world famous Ukrainian brands velozapchasti and accessories.
store is designed in a minimalist style, with bright color elements to saktsentirovat visitor's attention on the main - on the goods.
The site contains the following main sections: Product catalog, blog, news, reviews, payment and delivery, Contacts.
A very convenient site structure, user-friendly directory, easy management of the basket and a private office.
Catalogue divides products into groups, categories, sub-categories, there is a filter products by price, manufacturer, sorted by popularity, price, title.
The fixed bottom menu, which placed these necessary functions for an online store, as a comparison of the goods, favorites, basket and personal account are always on hand at the store. products comparison greatly helps the user to determine its final selection.
The home page contains blocks with the goods: the most popular bikes, popular products.
To place an order you have to register. And for quick ordering is a function of: Buy one click.
The personal account is stored the user's shopping history, which is very convenient, with regular orders of the same product.
What did we do?
UI/UX, design
Home page
Tools and Technology
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