Discount website
Discount website

Turnkey website (script) discount (sale discount coupons, group buying site). Not site written by hand, the code is not encrypted!

Ready site:
389 $
With redesign:
505 $
Discount website
Discount website

Turnkey website (script) discount (sale discount coupons, group buying site)


  • Set the minimum and maximum number of coupons;
  • Setting the start and end time of the action/the coupon;
  • Securing a partner for the action from the list of registered;
  • Identification of where the shares on Google-map;
  • Installing any action from the list for the output added to the main page;
  • A choice of several cities in which the action is valid;
  • Adding several offers on the stock with a price and percentage discount coupon;
  • Note Data about the institution where the action is carried out (contacts, photos, description);
  • Adding an unlimited number of shares of the conditions;
  • Ability to set currency throughout the site;
  • Setting the code generator (stocks, discounts): the number of characters, letters, numbers;
  • Reporting on coupons with the possibility of filtering options (coupon code repaid / not repaid, ID shares, stock name);
  • Reporting on users with the ability to view their coupons;
  • The choice of payment system for use on site: Robokassa or Interkassa, specifying the appropriate settings (username, password, ID cash, a digital signature); Add/Edit all the materials of the site: discounts, promotions, "Help" section;
  • Edit/add categories of shares;
  • Set banners.


  • Register/Log/personal account of the user;
  • Buying or receiving a coupon for free (for yourself or as a gift);
  • Sort coupons/shares of the following criteria: new, top selling, popular;
  • Request an administrator to place the shares;
  • Coupon redemption;
  • The ability to add comments to the shares;
  • The form of communication with the site administrator.


  • In private office partner is available:
  • My account partner with the ability to view information on their shares.
  • When you click the tab "shares" displays a list of shares and coupons partner. Their statistics;
  • Sort shares (active/past);
  • Coupon redemption form (confirmation of the use of the selected coupon);
  • Statistics (name coupons, views, got coupons redeemed, trading partner);
  • Settings: name, city (SELECT list of cities), the contact person from the partner, telephone, e-mail, address.


Chance of a complete redesign of the site while preserving the structure of this, please contact after purchase.

Also, please, if you need help to install/configure.

Information on installing and setting up the payment system in the readme.txt

Instructions administrative panel and its capabilities in the file Manual.doc

Technical requirements for the configuration server (hosting the site):

  • Apache 2.x series
  • PHP versions from 5.3.x
  • MySQL 5.0.x, 5.1.x
  • List of library PHP: gd, mysql, pcre, posix, session, sockets, zlib.
  • Recommended Library PHP: eAccelerator, memcached, Pear.
  • PHP does not have to run in Safe Mode, and Off Mode global variables.
  • Apache should provide the ability to use .htaccess (instruction AllowOverride All) and be configured by the "UseCanonicalName Off".
  • A full FTP access with the ability to modify access permissions for files and directories.
  • RAM memory (RAM) allocated physically to one site on the server hosting the site should not be less than 128 Mb, for the best possible operation of the site recommended 256 Mb.

The only restriction is to resell copies of the script, such illegal copies of the site without buying additional licenses (with a discount) will be blocked.

Information on installation in the file "README.txt".

Ready site:
389 $
With redesign:
505 $
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