Ready Store
Universal Online Store version 2.32

ready-made online store for selling any products

Ready site:
400 $
With redesign:
700 $
Universal Online Store version 2.32
Ready Store


The site is completely ready for work, launch of a new project is possible in 20 minutes. Help with installation, support, advice! After purchase, you are an independent store owner with full access to the code and all features.


  • Editing of all information on the site is carried out with the help of a unique module of visual editing, video for review -
  • Goods are easily added and edited, universal fields for addition are provided. Multiboot photos, the ability to add goods into several categories;
  • Opportunity to create an action with a time countdown timer before the end of the promotion;
  • Ability to add and edit categories / subcategories of goods;
  • Bulk update of stock balances in the warehouse;
  • Change the site currency;
  • Import / Export goods using Excel file;
  • Select the category of goods for Import / Export;
  • Moderating added reviews;
  • SMS and E-Mail settings for new order notifications on the site;
  • Ability to create a new full order from the perfect order in 1 click;


  • View all committed orders on the site, with the ability to filter by the following fields: ID, order date, full name, phone number, quantity of goods, order amount, status;
  • Ability to enable / disable fields for order filters;
  • Create a new order by the administrator;
  • Ability to add / modify products in an existing order;
  • Viewing the history of changes by order (changing information in the fields, changing the goods, etc.)
  • Automatic generation of a delivery note for an order;
  • The ability to export order data into a csv file;
  • Set up invoice: display fields.


  • Ability to edit% discounts for each user;
  • Ability to configure% discounts on goods when buying from the amount specified by the administrator.


  • Forming and sending letters to e-mails to registered users;
  • Forming and sending SMS messages to phones registered users;
  • SMS Center setup - the ability to configure the data for sending SMS alerts from the site is displayed, for this purpose the service is integrated. To send messages from the site you need to register an account at and replenish the account according to the tariffs;
  • Individual distribution of SMS messages to specified numbers (numbers are added by the administrator);


  • Unique, attractive design. The site was developed by the studio "Glyanets" "on a turn-key basis";
  • Attractive selection of the product by the flag "Novelty", "Share";
  • Contacts with the card and the form of feedback;
  • Block "Similar goods" on the product page according to the selected product category;
  • Basket with the adjustment of the quantity of each product and automatic recalculation of the order amount, removal of items from the order;
  • Reviews and rating of products, the calculation of the overall rating of the goods according to the added reviews of unregistered users.
  • Online payment settings: Interbank, Robocopy, Yandex.Money, LiqPay;
  • Automatic generation of yml file with data of goods for downloading to Yandex.Market and;
  • Automatic generation of CNC links;
  • Possibility to add fill in SEO fields (h1, description, keywords) individually for each page;
  • Setting up notifications to the administrator's mail (and other e-mails) about a new call to the "Order Call" form, "Feedback".


  • Registration / authorization / user's personal cabinet;
  • The ability to track the history of orders on the site, with tracking the status of the order and the ability to repeat the order;
  • Purchase on the site with registration and without registration;
  • Purchase of goods in 1 click;
  • Basket with the adjustment of the quantity of each product and automatic recalculation of the order amount, removal of items from the order;
  • Smart search with automatic selection of goods by name / article;
  • Ability to add a review and rating to the goods of an unregistered user;
  • Ability to add / remove goods to Favorites;
  • Multi-level search by category, price, popularity, rating.


The only restriction is to resell copies of the script, such illegal copies of the site without buying additional licenses (with a discount) will be blocked.

After purchase, please specify the domain (send an email to on which the script will work, in order for the license to be activated for your domain.

Information on installing the file "README.txt".

Ready site:
400 $
With redesign:
700 $
Other goods:
299 $
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