Print photos on-line
Print photos

Ready website (script) for printing photos!

Ready site:
420 $
With redesign:
639 $
Print photos
Print photos on-line

Ready website (script) for printing photos!

As well as cards, posters, mugs, clothing. Start taking orders online now, running in a few hours! Designed on the basis of quadrupeds engine — is the best in the world of content management system. Not samopis code is not encrypted!

  • The site can be used for custom printing business cards, photos, T-shirts, puzzles, mugs, marshmallows, magnets, disk, printing, posters, pictures on disks and more. All sections are disabled and configured;
  • For printing photos, users can upload an image from your computer and your phone, or from social networks VKontakte and Facebook. For a small souvenirs (magnets) You can also select photos from Instagram;
  • Adjustable photo quality check;
  • Rotate and crop photos;
  • Multiboot for computers, separate loader for iPhone and iPad;
  • Adding different types of delivery methods and with different prices and delivery areas of the admin area;
  • The administration panel is easily customizable currency payment system (just enter your information). Already connected to the different methods of payment: LiqPay, Robokassa, Interkassa;
  • The user can customize each photo separately or all together (size, paper, etc.);
  • The administrative panel you can set the print quality indicator. When you load a low-quality images, the user will be notified that the image quality is not sufficient and as a result, printing may not be very clear;
  • You can add additional companies to print with different prices, and you can order for themselves in familiar places, you'll also earn for delivery, you can never have their own equipment;
  • For each type of order administrator sets of limits for paper types, sizes, prices, minimum order, multiplicity (if any), etc.;
  • The administrative panel retains all orders conducted by users. Use the search form, they will be able to find your order and track its status;
  • The site allows you to generate discount coupons depending on the percentage of customers (eternal or disposable);
  • After ordering, it is possible to download the order form, showing all the customer data, price, etc.;
  • Each order is broken up by type. If a user orders a few products, or photos of different sizes, paper types (and others), then as a result of the order will be divided into thematic folders. Each file in the title is the number of prints and other data;
  • Processing orders in the archives; The site can be used in the printing industry, as there is the ability to print business cards, posters, playbills;
  • After ordering through Facebook or VKontakte on the user's wall displays a message stating that he placed an order on your site  «I orderedtype onlineurl. Recommend! The best online printing service!"
  • Automatically delete old orders;
  • Multi!

We can make a site redesign (but preserving its structure) for a cost. You can order website maintenance and improvements — are always in touch.

Chance of a complete redesign of the site while preserving the structure of this, please contact after purchase.

Also, please, if you need help to install/configure.


Must have on server:

  • Apache 2.x series

    • It requires mod_rewrite extension
    • Apache should provide the ability to use .htaccess (AllowOverride All instructions) and be configured Directive "UseCanonicalName Off".
  • PHP version 5.3 or above

    • RAM Memory (RAM) allocated physically to one site on the server hosting the site should not be less than 128 Mb, for the best of the site recommended 256 Mb.
    • To work with the images required graphics libraries such as GD.
    • Need PHP modules: gd, pcre, session, sockets, curl, filter, hash, simplexml, xmlwriter, xsl, zlib, json.
    • PHP suhosin module must be switched off
    • safe_mode: off (may be an obstacle to downloading files and images)
    • Objects Php data (PDO) must be activated for Drupal 7 to install and run correctly. Look in your php.ini. Uncomment (delete the leading semicolin) on the line broadening = php_pdo.dll, extension = php_pdo_mysql.dll. If these lines do not exist, you will need to add them. You can also use the PECL install PDO PDO set, and then install the PECL Pdo_Mysql (for example) to set the PDO database driver.
    • The following settings are recommended: session.cache_limiter: nocache
    • .htaccess works:

      • with the Apache web server
      • the use of .htaccess is allowed
      • PHP is installed as an Apache module
  • MySQL 5.0.15 and above

    • rights when working with the database: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE, DROP, INDEX, ALTER. For standard assembly Drupal requires support CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES, and LOCK TABLES
Ready site:
420 $
With redesign:
639 $
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