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Internet Association of Ukraine
Internet Association of Ukraine

Website development in Vinnitsa

Order a website Vinnitsa, website development in Vinnitsa, development of online stores, Glyanec web studio

We have been developing and maintaining websites, as well as promoting them for over 10 years. With our site, your company will soon gain a competitive advantage and will take leading positions on the Internet.

Order development of the site in Vinnitsa

Today, the development of sites in Vinnitsa is commonplace. This is a need to increase potential customers. Therefore, our company offers a complete list of site creation: from planning to launch with a unique design. All this will ensure the efficiency and maximum of the portal. We develop websites that help our clients to voice themselves in full voice, increase sales and propy oneself.

Each department must perform its part of the work. That's why we have graduate marketing specialists, programmers, designers to work more efficiently at different stages.

Creating a site for business

As they say, meet on clothes. From the first impression of design depends on whether an agreement with potential customers will take place. We develop sites specifically for your goals with the best value for money.

Not rarely unscrupulous companies specially overstate the cost of developing a site, while the quality of development does not meet the desired result. Before you make a resource order, check out the developer company: explore the portfolio, review and trust those who have a great reputation in this industry. They are precisely aimed at creating a quality product, not just for profit.

Website development and internet marking is an excellent business development strategy. Not for nothing at that time, well-known companies around the world resorted to the fact that they went to the Internet. Thus, they have attracted more attention to their products and services. As a result, profits did not force itself to wait.

Development of online stores

Online business today is developing fast and efficiently. Network users have long realized that you can buy everything through the Internet. That's why entrepreneurs use it.

We offer online stores with integration, connecting to 1С, sms-information on new orders, payment, currencies, rates, discounts, bonuses, support after launch.

Our studio is the best choice for you. We create high-quality websites that pay for themselves in the shortest possible time. Our portfolios featured works that have proven themselves well on the World Wide Web.

We work with a huge number of companies in a wide variety of industries, from trade to finance. Everyone was happy with our work.

Our work begins with a meeting with a potential customer, discussing the goals of creating a site. The project is spelled out to the smallest details, after which a contract with all details is signed. Also in the company before the development of the site and order its promotion. You will not have to think and worry about whether your site is up to date.

Our advantages

— Based on your goals for creating a site, we determine the target audience.
— After filling the customer with the brig all features are specified in the technical task.
— We provide high-quality work of the site.
— Customize the context, product advertising, Google Analytics, social advertising, networks
— We do our work with pleasure and full dedication.

If you want to save time and get the best site, we encourage you to contact the professionals of your business — the company Glyanec. All your ideas and wishes will be realized.

To order a site, call us at 0 (800) 759-759 or write to mail

Website development in Vinnitsa

Trust site development for professionals
Our experience — more than 1000 projects, which speaks of a large number of customers who trust us.

We create sites of any complexity with a unique design: from selling lenders to corporate websites and powerful online stores integrated with modern CRM and API, and also fully implement the full range of work required to run an online resource.

All 10 years we have been working on the same engine - Drupal

Our team specializes in high-quality development and support of sites. All 10 years we have been working on one engine - Drupal. Therefore, we know him perfectly.

During our work, we have developed more than 2,500 websites operating in all countries of the world and generate hundreds of thousands of downloads per day to our customers. Most of our customers have ordered several websites from us for each direction of their business.

™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — Website development in Vinnitsa_0

years of internet marketing

We are certified marketers, programmers, designers who work in one office.

Our experience — since the advent of the Internet in Ukraine.


Each site has a premium design, responsive version, fast loading, visual editing, a unique admin panel and the best Google Page Speed indicators.

™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — Website development in Vinnitsa_1
they trust us

Why are we the best?

™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — Website development in Vinnitsa_2

Designed from real ones


Professional designers at

programs that are known very much

a narrow circle of specialists,

develop a unique delicious

design your offer.

™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — Website development in Vinnitsa_3

We are getting into place

consumer of our client

We come to the customer's shops,

call our competitors

photographing offices, conducting

intelligence, looking for analogues,

we create focus groups, communicate

in forums with consumers.

™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — Website development in Vinnitsa_4

We use

advanced technology

Conversion analysis adwords,

multi landing, adaptive design,

Google Page Speed, animation,

parallax, geo targeting.


The best online stores in Ukraine

Приклади розроблених веб (web) сайтів

What will you get?


UI/UX design

Mobile, tablet version of the site

Ready-made tool for selling goods and services

Professional technical documentation


Consultations at all stages of development

Support after launch

Individual project management

Individual admin panel

Sync with 1C, Bitrix24, OneDrive, Dropbox, PriceUa and others

Integration of courier and delivery services

Connecting Facebook, Instagram

Connect the ticket system or CRM

Quick Editing Module

Unique customer tracking system

Best Drupal Management System

Order the site now!

Your future site is too good to belong to someone else

Most recent customer reviews

Our professionalism is not empty words

Quickly and efficiently perform work. Respond promptly (sometimes even outside working hours). Adequately respond to add. edits, if you submit them within the specified test period :))) In general, it is comfortable to work with them.

Jaroslav Kasperovich

Used the services of the company Glyanets not only to develop the site, but also its hosting. Prices are adequate. The result justifies the expectations. Always on touch and promptly respond to all your wishes or comments.
Chewed that we could not learn how to administer the site without a briefing during a personal meeting (the company's office is not glossy in our city), but in vain: the site management is simple, the instructions are clear, and the answers to the questions are clear.
Thank you very much for your work!

Komfort StyleUkr

For a long time and successfully cooperate with the company Glyanets (ordered the site and hosting). Promptly respond to questions and make edits. Often the result of their work is always above expectations.

Vladimir Garmash

Professionals in their field! Excellent design and operational work. Already made two sites for us. Thank!


With the company "Glyanec" began to cooperate two years ago.
During this time, only positive impressions at all stages of cooperation. Even if there were any difficulties, they always found a solution and compromises, the guys go to meet the client and know how to listen and hear.
I have never regretted about my choice in the face of the company "Glyanets", we want to cooperate further and of course I recommend as a reliable partner.
Special thanks to the project manager Roman Komlev, all quickly and efficiently.

Guys are professionals! Recommend!

Univest Media

I ordered an online store. Very pleased with the quality and speed of creation. I also want to note that the manager answers promptly, clearly and politely to all questions. I recommend everyone to cooperate with this company.

Lubov Ostrovskaya

Working with IT-shnik, this is tin, horror and nerves in the trash, and I felt it in full.
Turning to the company Glyanets, I was greeted, as some close friend.
Their care was felt in everything. From the manager Artyom, who explained in detail what we needed and painted it in a detailed statement of work, to the project manager Irina, who patiently, step by step, implemented our plan, and this was not a simple project. Always when you come to their office all the employees who come across your path are trying to get you drinks - they sincerely welcome you as their close relatives!
These guys are not just an IT company, they are PEOPLE who, with their attitude and professionalism, help you to achieve the desired result. I recommend the Glossy team to everyone who needs a practical IT solution quickly and for reasonable money!

Vladimir Goretsky

The creative team will not only do the Wishlist, but also help with writing the TK. The projects that Glyanec does on the one hand are convenient for users, and on the other are clean by code. Each site is individual, well adapted to customer needs, and most importantly - clear in meeting the deadlines!

Diana Krivokon

If you want your site to be cool and visit, then contact the company for help! They know their stuff)

Meilenko Nookio

The site of my company demanded serious "reanimation", but the guys did even better. A phoenix rebellion came out of the ashes) Everything looks very worthy, the site works great. Customers are satisfied and I, respectively, too.

Alexander Kroshkin

Ordered the development of an online store site with a complex structure. We performed the work with high quality and at a good price. Very qualified specialists. Recommend!

Vladislava Shekhovcova

Not looking for a long time performer, stopped at the "Glyanec" and were satisfied with the work. The guys really tried very hard to please us and "tolerated" our constantly emerging new proposals or requests to remake something.
After the collaboration with "Glyanec" there were good memories. I think we will turn to them in the future!

Dmytro Dudkevych

Glyanec is a reasonable solution + technological advancement of competitors!

Leonid Borozentsev

Thank you very much to the company for helping to develop the site! Very grateful for such an attentive attitude to the wishes of the client. Be sure to appeal again!

Vladislav Vladislavenko

Thank you for the excellent work, efficiency and attentiveness of the managers. All work is performed clearly, on time and professionally. Recommend 100%. You are really professionals.

Saleh Jorban

Created a kindergarten site, it was clear from the first conversation that the professionals are working for their work. And so it happened in the further work, an individual approach, tolerance and competence, and most importantly - professionalism and creativity - the main features of "Glyanec"

Maya Vlasyuk

From the cooperation, from the experience of communicating with the managers and from the results of the company, I have only good impressions. Recommended for partners and after the results of cooperation with "Glyanec" heard then from them the same - real professionals. Attentive, timed, experienced, picking up the smallest detail, if it should go in favor of the client!

Maxim Zotov

LLC "Florian-T", after fruitful cooperation with Glyanec, expresses its sincere gratitude for the high-quality development and production of the site for our company at the highest level.
The individual approach that we got in the personal manager Irina Bilyk impresses with his attitude and understanding of the requirements of the client. All work was carried out quickly, qualitatively and with constant feedback. It's always nice to work with professionals.
LLC "Florian-T" wants only the prosperity and development of the company "Glyanec" and hope for fruitful cooperation in the future.

Florian-T Ltd.
Florian-T Ltd.

I want to thank the most creative web studio of Glyanec for creating our site! I also want to note the high level of quality of services provided, an individual approach (regarding our wishes) and excellent after-care service! I recommend!

Victoria Babi

We work with Glyanec 6 years. No harm was necessary. Proffs holding hands on the pulse of time are constantly evolving; prompt response to inquiries, pleasant conversations and competent managers. Definitely a company that should deal with it.

TaktFM RadioTakt

We are working with this company since 2012. No problems and complaints.

Kostya Yakovenko

Has ordered from them from half dozen sites. It would be bad, spitting after the first one)) Patiently fulfilling the customer's wishes, timely performance of work (usually reinsured on terms and doing everything much earlier), correct and competent managers, everything works and flies, and if something happens, promptly and without redundant penalties are fixed. In a word, a professional and decent company.

Kostiantyn Kopniak

We cooperate a lot, never failed, work like a clock! It is very nice that there are such partners!

#подільськіланчі recommend!

Sasha Tab

Appealed for help to this company. I really wanted to create not just a beautiful site, but one that I would remember, which I would like to visit again and again. We listened to all the wishes very carefully and advised how it would be better. I am very pleased with their work, such specialists instill confidence and desire to work with them in the future. Recommend!

Kate Yakovenko

Order the site now!

Your future site is too good to belong to someone else

Order the site now!

Your future site is too good to belong to someone else

Order rating now!

Your future site is too good to belong to someone else

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Your future site is too good to belong to someone else


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