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Logical, thought out and error free

performers in the state

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Included in the fare service
Placing a site
Virtual server
Virtual server
Separate server
Hours of refinements
up to 30
Telephone consultations
E-mail запитів в місяць
E-mail queries per month
up to 3
up to 7
Security support
On request
Update site modules
Design Supervision
Flashing with the description "Design Supervision"
up to 5 images per month
up to 5 images per month
up to 10 images per month
Full support
Additional design work
Up to 3 layouts per month
Up to 5 layouts per month
Additional sections, landings
1 page per year
up to 3 pages per year
By appointment
Description of the plugin redesign
On request
On request
Annually redesign of the site
Constant design work
Testing the site
On request
Automatic and manual reviews
Automatic and manual reviews
A popup with a description of seo-monitoring
A popup with a description of seo-monitoring
Site consulting
Manual and consultation
Manual and consultation
Full staff support
Full staff support
Learning to work with the site
In the office or on Skype, the phone
Price per hour of additional works
Best offer!
Cost per month
486 UAH/hour
710 UAH
464 UAH/hour
1290 UAH
399 UAH/hour
2790 UAH
391 UAH/hour
11785 UAH
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