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First place in the competition for the best website of an educational institution

Internet Association of Ukraine
Internet Association of Ukraine

How to evaluate the terms of site development?

Website development of any complexity. Adaptive version for all devices. Optimizing your site to 90+ Google PageSpeed. Unique design, UI, prototyping for each site!


Trust your business

How to evaluate the terms of site development?

To evaluate the terms of the site development, you need to fill out the brief.

The fastest way to get it — write to mail order@glyanec.net or call 0 (800) 759-759

Our prices are adequate and moderate. All payments are divided into 3 stages, it is convenient and affordable. You can get a very high quality website based on a finished solution, with a unique design for the price of 13000 UAH.

What you will get guaranteed:
  • Editing all the information on the site is done using a unique visual editing module, video for viewing
  • Goods are easy to add and edit, provided are universal fields for adding. Multi-download photo, ability to add product in several categories;
  • Possibility to create an action with timer countdown to the end of the promotion
  • Ability to add and edit categories / subcategories of goods
  • Bulk update of product balances in stock;
  • Change the currency of the site
  • Moderation of added reviews
  • Set up SMS and E-Mail messages about a new order on the site
  • Ability to create a new full order from the application in 1 click
What does the price affect?
  • View all orders on the site, with the possibility to filter by the following fields: ID, order date, full name, phone number, quantity of goods, order amount, status
  • Ability to enable / disable fields for order filters
  • Create a new order by the administrator
  • Ability to add / change products in an existing order
  • View the history of custom changes (changing information in fields, changing goods, etc.).
  • Automatic billing order creation
  • Ability to export order data in csv file
  • Setting up the bill: displaying the fields.

Actual terms

Landing page

Landing page

from 2 weeks

Site-business card company

corporate site

from 3 weeks


your profitable business!

from 2 months

Order the site now!

Your future site is too good to belong to someone else

Order the site now!

Your future site is too good to belong to someone else

Get advice now!

Your future site is too good to belong to someone else


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