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First place in the competition for the best website of an educational institution

Internet Association of Ukraine
Internet Association of Ukraine

Work in the company

We have the best ones

Our company is a great friendly family that has endured all the unstable situations in Ukraine.

Always needed:
Frontend developer

Guru html / css

Designer genius

When ideas come from you :-)


(We have not yet found one immediately prepared, but we never stop dreaming)


Hot jobs:

Media Bayer (remotely)

Remote work. Purchasing traffic to company and customer sites. Advertising Performance Analysis. Part-time employment. Negotiations on placement prices, requirements for promotional materials. Collaboration with designers and other team members.


Manager in the office

An energetic girl of 20-30 years with experience as an administrator is invited to work. Requirements: ability to communicate with people, with office staff, to organize all business activities of the office, to monitor the availability of all consumables. Collaboration with suppliers. Organization of client meetings in the office. Procurement of office and coffee for clients. Photo is required. You will be required to regularly call customers or answer for absent employees, fluent in Ukrainian and Russian. Representative appearance and voice required.


Farmhouse (free schedule)

Carrying out construction work in the company office according to corporate design and requirements. Further maintenance of office systems in working order, minor repairs and issues arising in domestic use. Important: Everything you need to do with your own hands, from video surveillance to installing plumbing.


Staff Assistant (Free Schedule)

First line of CV development, interviewing assistant.


Marketer (remotely)

Marketing copywriter. Turnkey, based on competitor analysis, write "delicious" and "selling" texts to customer sites. Experience, versatility (ownership of any topics), literacy, efficiency of work are appreciated. There are many jobs. Efficiency is required.


Technical copywriter (free schedule)

Experience in technical work on complex projects is a must. It is necessary to understand the essence of projects, to offer alternative solutions and functionality to the project manager. Collaboration with the project team. There is no communication with the client.


Blog author (remotely)

Payment is negotiable. Remote work. Regularly at least twice a month to prepare high-quality IT analytics. You can take one or more columns.


Press Representative (remotely)

Generate company news. Form a positive image. Working with the press. Answers to questions and questions.


Brand advocate on social media (remotely)

One-hour and hourly work. Argumentative advocacy of client companies in social networks and reviews sites.


IP Telephony Engineer (Remotely)

Introduction of telephony in the company according to the terms of reference. Remote work. Customer support. One-hour and one-hour projects.


All 11 years we have been working on the same engine - Drupal

Our team specializes in high-quality development and support of sites. All 11 years we have been working on one engine - Drupal. Therefore, we know him perfectly.

During our work, we have developed more than 2,500 websites operating in all countries of the world and generate hundreds of thousands of downloads per day to our customers. Most of our customers have ordered several websites from us for each direction of their business.

™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — News Portals_0

years of internet marketing

We are certified marketers, programmers, designers who work in one office.

Our experience — since the advent of the Internet in Ukraine.


Each site has a premium design, responsive version, fast loading, visual editing, a unique admin panel and the best Google Page Speed indicators.

™ Глянець, студія веб-дизайну — News Portals_1
We must do everything

Why the "Glyanec"?

Comfortable conditions for work, cozy atmosphere.

Worthy of payment, monthly automatic increase of salary, bonus.

Continuous training (conferences, seminars). There is a lot of educational literature, we constantly update the library.

Young, creative, friendly team.

trusted their business

Benefits of working in "glyanec"

Convenient schedule

You can come to the office at any time and independently determine when to go for a lunch break.

The working time is fixed by program

Comfortable office

Each department has an air conditioner. In the kitchen for your convenience, there is everything you need: a refrigerator, a microwave, a coffee maker and natural coffee, a tea of choice, high quality drinking water, a soft corner for rest, a TV with movies and a PlayStation with games!

Career progression

The longer you work with us, the more successful you are! Every month you will receive a new and exciting experience, automatically increasing salary.

The entire social package

Paid vacations, sick leave, awards. Monthly automatic salary increase.

Trust your business

About our Web studio

Our team has 50 full-time executives.

Each performer cooperates with our company from 1 to 10 years.

The average work experience is not less than 4 years.

Trust your business

Working conditions

  • 5/7 working week with floating point elements
  • The best, most convenient and most technical office in the city
  • Official payment
  • Full Social Package
  • Guaranteed bonuses and financial incentives
  • Mentoring and learning system
  • Friendly staff and warm atmosphere
  • Fastest, most advanced computers
  • 6-8 cores, 16 GB RAM, SSD, 24 "Dell 1-3 pcs, Apple if necessary)
  • Qualitative certified water
  • Kitchen with all necessary equipment
  • (fridge, coffee maker, microwave oven, etc.)
  • Coffee and tea are free
  • Vacation from 1 to 2 months per year.
  • Paid sick leave.
Ready to work fine?

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