Website Development

We think that it is too little just develop a website. All of your competitors already have sites? Most likely, they are all done equally badly. Our task is to develop a website, after visiting which the user without any knowledge of design will feel that your company is the best and reliable. The user will quickly understand where he is and is he interested in offer, if interested - will make an order or continue to explore your product / service in more detail.

We create websites:

  • Aesthetically beautiful, correctly compiled, understandable;
  • That work on all devices except Tamagotchi :-)
  • Functional, with the connection necessary for the operation of the API;
  • Logical, well thought out and error-free.

We don᾿t need to "poke your nose" so that the phone on the site was correct, the texts without errors, your group addresses in social networks were relevant, the site "did not fall apart" in different browsers. We know ourselves, which the small things and places that need to be checked. Exceptions are rare cases, when after many weeks of work on the project, it is so "familiar" that we can physically not notice a few bugs.

Any software contains errors. We will not deceive, claiming that we never make an error. But, with bugs we struggle by submitting works for verification of the customer for each stage, cross-internal testing, allocation in the contract of the whole stage for testing, provision of a conditional warranty period after the delivery, an extended grace period for a long period after the end of the guarantee, as well as technical support tariffs for symbolic fee.

Who are these incredible developers?! Where did they come from?
Our team has 25 full-time performers. Each of us works only in our company from 1 to 10 years. The average length of service is at least 4 years. We work according to clear rules, and do not wander around the office with cups of coffee for your money, do not wallow in hammocks or skate on scooters. All actions of workers for computers are logged and recorded. All projects are signed by performers with a personal guarantee of quality. With the contractor we sign an agreement on the non-disclosure of the commercial secrets of our clients, and once a year we conduct a polygraph test. All network traffic is monitored, the executor can not take a copy of your site or materials from the office.

 The perfomer is not allowed to work independently on the client's projects, until internal training passes for a period of 2 years. By this time, the artist has the status of "perspective" (the new) and he only.

When we have new vacancies, in a few days we receive letters with 200-400 resumes. Each applicant receives a test task, an interview with HR, the director, the head of the department in which he plans to work. We choose the best of the best, do not miss the opportunity to look for a pros with other cities and countries that work now in Vinnitsa.